Britain Classifies CBD as Medicine

CBD as medicine

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is trying its best to classify cannabidiol (CBD) as a class I (schedule 1) drug, the same category as heroin. On the other hand, our neighbors across the Atlantic consider it as medicine. However, this was not always the case.

On Monday night, Britain’s MHRA- a regulatory agency that deals with medicine and healthcare products- concluded that CBD, a non-psychoactive agent, is beneficial to humans since it has therapeutic benefits and treats numerous serious illnesses and conditions.

The reclassification means that CBD products can freely be sold and distributed all over the United Kingdom without any fuss or harassment from any authorities or the police. Any CBD products deals can be sealed and transactions regarding them can be made freely for it is now legal to engage in CBD products businesses.

“We are of the opinion that any product that contains cannabidiol (CBD) and is used for medicinal purposes is medicine,” said an MHRA representative on the agency’s official website. “MHRA will support and work hand in hand with individual trade bodies and firms to make sure that products which contain CBD and have medicinal value are classified as medicine. We will make sure that they meet 2012’s Human Medicines Regulations requirements for safety purposes.”
All through 2016, an increasing number of the country’s lawmakers called for reforms on the county’s “failing drug laws.” They based their argument on the fact that “evidence-based approach” is vital in effecting drug policies

The good news is that the government took the advice and acted accordingly. The British government has finally felt the sobering characteristics of CBD products. It looked into the issue and saw the need to allow the free use of CBD products within the country. It did this after consulting and conducting numerous research with relevant bodies and authorities.

Speaking to Sky News, MHRA’s inspection and enforcement director, Gerald Heddell said that the change came about with their opinion on CBD. “For sure, CBD products have medicinal value. There is no doubt about that. We base our opinion on pure facts. Upon our extensive research and data collection, we noticed that many people who suffer from serious diseases and health conditions are claiming to be treated by CBD products.” He said.

MHRA’s decisions comes a few months after it sent a strong warning against the selling and distribution of CBD products by producers and vendors around the United Kingdom. They ordered for the removal of all CBD products within Britain. The MHRA gave producers and distributors 28 days to cease to process orders, supply, sell, advertise or promote any CBD products.

The MHRA was of the opinion that any business that intended to sell or supply CBD products should apply for a medicine’s license. The agency wrote to manufactures and the UK CBD stockists to inform them of their decision.

Britain Reclassifies CBD as Medicine While the United States Puts it in the Same Basket as Heroin.

Although Britain does not recognize pot as having medicinal value, classification and promotion of CBD products as medicine is a remarkable step towards the right direction.

MHRA’s decision makes total sense when you consider the fact that United Kingdom’s GW pharmaceuticals recently made huge strides with its drug Epidiolex. Epidiolex is a CBD-based drug used to treat epilepsy. Patients with seizures associated with Dravet and Lennox-Gastuat syndrome have widely benefited from this marijuana-derived drug.

So, what is holding us back here in the United States? What excuse do we have for not using CBD products for the treatment and management of different ailments?

We cannot claim that we are clueless about the benefits of CBD products. Doing so only proves how loud our ignorance is when handling current emerging issues. United States researchers have undertaken numerous research on cannabidiol. In fact, they recommend it for the treatment and management of various health conditions and ailments. One of the research institute that encourages the use of CBD product is none other than the highly acclaimed American Epilepsy Society.

Early in December, University of Alabama researchers discovered that CBD oil greatly reduces the severity and frequency of seizures in both adults and children who suffer from acute, intractable epilepsy. More than 75% of the 81 participants that underwent the trial test showed remarkable improvements. The severity of their symptoms reduced by 50%