Role of CBD Oil in Managing Chronic Pain

CBD pain

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is normally used for getting relief from chronic pain but to be sure about its safety several scientific are still on. In order to understand the role of CBD oil in managing chronic pain let us have some more information about this product along with its benefits and side effects.

Introduction with CBD oil

CBD oil or Cannabidiol is a compound derived from various natural plants including cannabis and hemp etc. containing this compound in variable amounts. The amount of CBD depends upon the style of breeding the plant. Industrial hemp is considered as the most common source of CBD oil as it has this compound in higher amount than other plants including marijuana. Various methods are used to extract this oil at commercial level. In order to make CBD oil of different potencies some carrier oil is mixed in it as required. So it better to discuss your problem with your health care provider before using this oil to treat your chronic pains.

Advantages of CBD oil

CBD oil is used for treating pain of different kinds since many centuries but to ensure its effectiveness various researches are still continued. Some of the main advantages of this oil may include:

Chronic pain

After so many studies and trials it has been verified that CBD oil can effectively treat old age chronic pains to a great extent. According to researchers this oil can be suggested to the patient suffering from inflammation and pain as they can be reduced considerably after using it for some time. It has also been detected that patients need not increase its dose to get quick relief as their body can become tolerant to it in the long run.

Arthritis pain

According to a study published in European Journal of Pain, in order to ensure the effect of CBD oil on arthritis pain in human body several studies are done on animal models. CBD oil was applied for the 4 days to the rats suffering from arthritis. The sign of pain and inflammation reduces considerably within 4 days without showing any adverse effect. This proved that it can help in treating the problem of chronic pain.

Multiple sclerosis

An autoimmune problem that affects the human brain and nerves of the entire body is known as Multiple-sclerosis. It can be recognised with the signs of constant pain causing spasms in the muscles. It has been proved through various studies that the level of spasms can be reduced considerably by using CBD oil for some time.

Other advantages

CBD oil can be used to treat various other health problems, though the legality to use it may vary in different states of America. These problems may include

  • Drug and smoking withdrawal symptoms

  • Treating epilepsy and seizures

  • Treatment of anxiety

  • Reducing initial effects of Alzheimer disease

  • Prevention of type 1 diabetes, cancer and acne in future

  • Treating schizophrenia patient with anti-psychotic effects

In this way CBD oil promises to treat a number of health problems still it needs more researches to ensure its safety level.

Side effects of CBD oil

Most common side effects of CB oil, according to the researchers, include diarrhoea, tiredness, eight loss or gain and change in hunger. It can also affect the effectiveness of the other medicines taken along with it. Its long run use can also affect the hormonal balance of the user. It can also affect the working of your lungs. It can also reduce inflammation too much to be harmful for the defence system of your lungs due to its anti-inflammatory properties.


According to researchers, CBD oil should not be used on children as to can affect the development of their brain. It should be used only by adults to relieve their chronic pains. Breast feeding and pregnant women should avoid to use it without consulting their health care provider.


Being not regulated by US FDA nothing can be said reliably about its proper dosage but to avoid its side effects on one’s health many companies advise to use it in small doses. In order to treat chronic pain it is recommended to use CBD oil orally somewhere between 2.5 to 20 mg within almost a month. You can also consult your doctor, if its low doses do not prove to be effective for you.