The Ultimate Guide To CBD Dosage

CBD oil and the body

Probably you have an idea about the health benefits of Cannabidiol, known as CBD. It is available in plenty of forms like creams, oils, vapes, and capsules. Besides, cannabis plants are the chief source of CBD. The good thing is, this chemical compound doesn’t have any additives or intoxicating effects to users. That’s why it tops other cannabis products like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The best part is that it is legal and sold to many countries worldwide using this plant-derived oil for its therapeutic benefits.

However, the question you can never miss from novice users is: “How much CBD oil should I take?” most of them rush to seek answers from Google about CBD dosage. But the results that pop up show different prescriptions and approximated dosages for many CBD products. In the end, they get confused and wonder what the right amount they should take.

The answer can’t be that easy as you may think. Fortunately, this article is your gold-winner! We have broken the ideas into sections to understand the right amount of CBD oil to take easily.

What’s the ideal CBD Dosage?

CBD is a natural plant-derived compound tested and proven to be clean with zero toxins. Therefore, it is safe and secure to use in varied ways. As for daily dosage, it is essential to get the information right. Because if not properly taken, it may have side effects, and that’s not what you want. With this CBD dosage guide, be sure to get the right knowledge to limit any problem.

Factors to Consider before settling on a particular CBD oil dosage

Typically, the right amount of CBD oil you should take depends on different factors. These factors play an essential role in determining how to use CBD products efficiently. So, before you try using CBD, it is advisable first to consult your doctor to determine the basis for your CBD oil dosage. Besides that, they can evaluate any potential risks and make recommendations aptly. Some of these factors include:

  • General health condition
  • Bodyweight
  • Metabolism
  • Body response to CBD
  • Sensitivity to cannabis
  • Individual body chemistry, including other medical prescriptions
  • How severe your issue is

How much CBD should I take?

No recommendations from your doctor? Well, ask yourself how much CBD should I take? At the moment, you can’t determine the right amount. So, it is advisable to start with a smaller dosage. Then, increase the dosage gradually until you meet your maximum desired results.

According to the book “CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis,” this method is often referred to as the step-up approach. In simple terms, you alter the amount of CBD oil usage to suit your needs. This method will also help you assess your body’s reaction to the CBD as you slowly adjust to find the perfect dosage.

CBD Oil Dosage Guide

The Step-Up Approach

In this approach, you start with the lowest daily dose, the microdose for CBD. Some can start with a standard dose or even a macro dose. This is entirely dependent on the user’s symptoms. As a starting dosage, keep it for about one week. You can use a dosage comparison table to find the right dosage that fits your bodyweight.

Take note of your body reactions as you take down necessary notes on the progress. In case of positive results, you can slightly increase the daily dose and maintain it for a week. More importantly, administer the dosage in smaller quantities like consuming it in the morning, afternoon, and evening rather than large amounts.

If the CBD oil poses any side effects to your body, it is essential to reduce your daily dose. The goal of this approach is to find the most suitable amount that fits your body needs. After you get the ideal dose you are confident with, that becomes your target dose onwards.

Dosage Types and Usage


Here, a recommended amount of 0.5 to 20mg of CBD per daily dose is ideal for minor conditions. They include sleep disorders, migraines or acute headaches, mood swings, and stress or restlessness. Also, it helps solve metabolic defects, nausea, menopause symptoms, and posttraumatic stress disorders. Usually, 500mg of CBD oil is the best to start with. Each drop of 500mg CBD oil has 2mg of CBD.

Standard dose

The recommended dosage to use on a single day is from 10 to 100mg of CBD. It is ideal for chronic pains, inflammations, anxiety disorders, depressions, autism, and others. Additionally, it is useful in conditions such as Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, crown’s disease, and much more. As for a standard dose, the CBD oil suitable to use is 1500mg or 2500mg CBD oil. A single drop of 1500mg contains 6mg of CBD, while the 2500mg has 6 or 7mg of CBD. Therefore, the amount to use is three drops three times each day.

Macro dose

In this case, the dose per day is at the highest range of 50 to 800mg. Most of the time, this CBD dosage is ideal for therapeutic functions, including cancer, epilepsy, or liver diseases. As for this dose, a 30, 40, or 50-percent CBD paste is best. The 30% paste has 300mg of CBD per one millimeter of CBD oil. Besides, 40% paste has 400mg of CBD, and 50% contains 500mg of CBD per one millimeter CBD oil.

Methods of Administration

The type or form CBD products are available in, determines the method of administration. As stated earlier, you can take it as CBD oil, CBD capsules, paste, tablets, nasal sprays, or e-liquids. These compounds get mixed with food products, nutritional supplements, animal health products, or cosmetic items. Therefore, decide on the most appropriate method to take your daily cannabis product dosage.

For clarity, the oils are taken by placing the oil drops under the tongue, specifically the sublingual. The CBD capsules and tablets get administered orally through either swallowing or chewing. Besides, pastes are best for mixing and cooking with food products. As for nasal sprays, the CBD gets dosed through inhalation while the e-liquids get consumed through vaping devices.

Possible Side Effects of CBD Oil

As much as using cannabis products give plenty of therapeutic benefits, it doesn’t mean there are no potential risks. The safety of these fantastic plant compounds is not 100% guaranteed. So, it is good to know the risks before you go on a CBD dosage regardless of the purpose. Some of these effects are easily noticeable, while others happen without our conscience. They include:

  • Digestion problems like diarrhea and loss of appetite
  • Drowsiness as well as other changes in body alertness
  • Changes in body weight
  • Mood changes including agitation and irritability
  • Liver may fail
  • Unhealthy interactions with other medications
  • Possible physical injuries due to the mixing of alcohol or other depressants with CBD


As a rule of thumb, you should always consult with your professional healthcare before using CBD oil. Not all CBD products guarantee to cure, treat, or prevent diseases, skin infections, or ailments. So, be sure to interact with a certified doctor who will advise you what product or how much CBD to take depending on your health status. Moreover, don’t ever take an excessive amount of CBD, hoping to solve your problems. Instead, stick to the dose or reduce the intake amount.

Final Words
To this end, deciding the CBD dosage to use daily for whatever reason doesn’t have to be a headache. With every factor, benefits, and risks considered, you’ll find it relatively easy to find your dosage plan. Besides, always see your doctor before using CBD oil to prevent further complications.